• Obtain U.S. Citizenship
• Green Card by Marriage
• Green Card Through Family
• fiance Visa
• Citizenship
• Employer Sponsorship
• H1B Visa
• L1 Visa


Our law office advises clients faced with the potential of removal on any of the following grounds:
• Expired tourist, student or employment visa
• Failure to meet a deadline for a visa application or renewal
• Unlawful entry or re-entry
• Criminal arrest or conviction in the United States while here on a visa
• Criminal arrest or conviction while visiting the country of origin after obtaining temporary or permanent residence in the U.S.
• Violation of immigration status, such as loss of a job while here on an employment visa

The immigration process to the United States can be long and confusing. What are the differences between a removal proceeding and a regular trial, and when you can be "summarily removed?" Faced with the possibility of being deported, you need all the resources you can find. Understanding the visas types - from student visas and work permits to H1B's, K1's and beyond - is key no matter where you are in your journey to permanent citizenship. Protect yourself from deportation and get your Green Card.